Working at AUTO1


We are a team from over 55 nationalities spread over 30 countries and working in different departments. We are diverse in many aspects, but united through the passion to create Europe’s leading multi-sided platform for used cars.


Our international marketing department combines effective data-driven performance marketing with innovative technical solutions to enhance customer experience and drive growth to our successful B2C and B2B brands.


Product and software development are highly creative processes which produce business and technology products. The combination of the two forms the base of our success and enables ideas to scale vertically as much as horizontally.

Business Operations & Logistics

The Operations department ensures that transportation and after-sales processes run smoothly, and tackles challenges associated with expanding to new markets. The Logistics department is creating the innovative strategy to build, manage, and expand AUTO1's European logistics network.

Business Intelligence

Using Big Data technologies, we load internal and external information into a single data warehouse to enable management taking data driven decisions. Working with different teams, we convert data into strategic information as well as support operative tasks.

Purchasing & Branch Network

Whether it is an Opel Corsa or a Porsche Spyder 918 - we buy every car! Our Purchasing department evaluates cars onsite and offers the market price. But not only the car, also the customer is important to us. That is why we support our customers throughout the entire process of the car sale.


Sales is the spearhead towards our core B2B distribution business. Highly professional sales individuals acquire new business partners, ensure sustainable long-term cooperations and form the vital touchpoint between and car dealerships.


Our retail brand AUTOHERO is our innovative online-car-dealership: we offer customers the opportunity to buy certified used cars online without risk and at maximum convenience. Customers pick a car, we do the rest. We just opened our first showroom in Berlin.


Our Remarketing sets up cooperations with B2B partners in the automotive space (Dealers, OEMs, Rental). Remarketing simplifies B2B car selling for our partners by providing the fastest digital solution in the market.


In the International Pricing Department we combine passion for cars with analytical and technical skills. We monitor price trends and market developments across all international markets and by leveraging technology identify the best price for any car.

Customer Service

The Booking Center supports our customers along the entire journey of marketing their car for the best price, from booking the most convenient car evaluation appointment to even managing the smooth sale of financed or leased cars.

Finance & Accounting

Finance acts as trusted advisor to ensure senior management has the tools to make informed strategic and financial decisions. Functions include financial planning, accounting, tax, payments, corporate finance, debt and equity issues, as well as M&A.

Human Resources

Our Human Resources department plays a strategic role in managing AUTO1's most valuable resources: our employees! Our functions include Talent Acquisition and Talent Management and we work on long-term strategies for the organizational growth of our company.


The Legal department assists AUTO1 employees in questions regarding labour, commercial and corporate law topics, and represents AUTO1 in court.

Corporate Communications

Our Communications Department is the voice, eyes and ears of one of the rare German unicorns. In handling the Group’s media and stakeholder relations, it manages how investors, employees, customers, business partners and the general public perceive AUTO1 Group and its brands.

Office Management

Office Management is the point of contact for employees and visitors in our Berlin HQ and organises the daily life at AUTO1.

Meet our Team

“I'm proud of what we've achieved, as a team as well as the personal and professional development Auto1 has given me.”

Florian M.
Product Manager


Florian M. | Product Manager


“It's very inspiring being around such a talented, driven and hands-on team, always striving for innovation and excellence”


Maria K. | Director Of Marketing

“It's a pleasure to be surrounded by such wise and creative people who share the same goal and accomplish colossal results”

Inga P.
Web Developer


Inga P. | Web Developer


“I really enjoy our working pace at AUTO1. Each day is different and that brings lots of learning!”


Bianca A. | Team Lead Recruiting

“The fast and professional growth mentality at Auto1 has driven me further in my personal excellence and I’m proud to be an integral part of such a success story.”

Christopher R.
Sr. Purchaser Germany


Christopher R. | Sr. Purchaser Germany


“Sharing knowledge across teams and evolving people is our greatest contributer to the company's success.”


Robert G. | CMO

“AUTO1 offered me great opportunities to quickly grow personally and professionally in an exciting international environment”

Aileen S.
Teamlead Recruiting


Aileen S. | Teamlead Recruiting


“I’m amazed by the possibilities of personal and professional growth, continuously furthered by all the talented coworkers.”


Maximilian R. | Head of Marketing Tech

“Great personality and the team-spirit that we have, enables us to grow our merchant network day by day.”

Cenk A.
Senior Key Account Manager


Cenk A. | Senior Key Account Manager


“It's impressive how many things we’ve done in such a short time in the customer group, both personally and professionally. ”


Yaron K. | SQA and Automation Engineer

“Bringing together data, marketing expertise and creativity makes Auto1 the perfect place to learn and grow very fast - both personally and professionally.”

Josef H.
Team Lead TV & Video Marketing


Josef H. | Team Lead TV & Video Marketing


“Dealers are able to boost and scale-up their business with us!”


Sebastian V. | Senior Key Account Manager

“A success story is defined by the people behind it. One team one dream - that's how we roll at AUTO1!”

Stefan L.
Head of Account Management


Stefan L. | Head of Account Management


“It’s exciting building up a communications team in such a diverse work environment with so many people passionate about their job.”


Lisa L. | Head of Communications

“AUTO1 gives me the opportunity to work in a multicultural environment and gives me a chance to get to know people from all over the world.”

Karolina W.
Web Designer


Karolina W. | Web Designer


“We are continuously disrupting the automotive industry and it feels great to be a part of it!”


Pedro F. | Head of Search

“Through combining analysis and creativity we're pushing our understanding of the topic and driving development day after day.”

Jonas O.
Head of Global Display


Jonas O. | Head of Global Display


“Price, selection & convenience - that's what a dealer gets from us!”


Daniel K. | Senior Key Account Manager