Sales department

Join the forefront of our core B2B distribution business.

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We acquire new business partners, ensures sustainable cooperations and form the vital touchpoint between and car dealerships.

Areas of work

Sales & Account Management

Activate potential customers, build and maintain long-term customer relationships with dealers.

Backoffice & Operational Roles

Keep various processes running and provide administrative support to other teams.

Business Development & Strategic Roles

Develop our processes further and uncover new potential for our company.

Hear from our people


At AUTO1 Group, different nationalities and age groups work together, supporting each other and the company.


Senior Account Manager

Joined 2014


Transparency is the be-all and end-all. We salespeople know exactly what we can expect. The more effort and diligence we put into our work, the more we are rewarded for it.


Junior Account Manager

Joined 2023


We achieve transparency through open communication and accessible information for customers, clients and employees alike.


Account Manager

Joined 2024


Our commissions are visible, our billing transparent. Our internal and external reporting is transparent. The organization chart is available to all and the company's strategy is regularly discussed by the management and shared with everyone.


Team Lead Account Management

Joined 2016


As a manager, I have access to a tremendous amount of data, enabling me to fine-tune daily objectives and actions. This data is shared on a daily basis to the team, so that everyone is always up to date.


Team Lead Account Management

Joined 2022


AUTO1 Group stands out with its high level of technical innovation and international team.


Account Manager

Joined 2024