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Drive the company growth through brand and performance marketing.

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We market and scale AUTO1 Group's products with a strong team of in-house experts across multiple marketing disciplines. Always challenging the status quo, we build the best customer experience while ensuring maximum growth.

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"At AUTO1 quick action and data are the key to success. I am thrilled with the variety of tasks and our great team spirit."


Team Lead B2B Marketing

Joined 2018


"It's not the type of job where you wait out the clock. You are put in the driver seat to help shape a new industry. Mindset and motivation go a long way."


VP Customer Journey

Joined 2015


"The combination of data, marketing expertise and creativity make AUTO1 Group the perfect place to learn fast and to grow personally and professionally."


VP Retail Marketing & Branding

Joined 2016


"For me AUTO1 Group offers the biggest and most inspiring patchwork with an astounding variety of projects, qualified people and numerous nationalties. These surroundings are very intriguing to me."


B2B Marketing Manager

Joined 2017


"In 2012 the wonderful story of AUTO1 Group began. It is exciting to be a part of it and to see the company grow every day. In this company I do have the chance to get to know Marketing from every possible angle."


Head of Organic Marketing

Joined 2014

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